Featured Volunteers December 2012

We appreciate all of our dedicated volunteers who staff the many essential roles within the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services.  Read about some of our featured Franklin County volunteers below who help make our mission possible.


December 2012


Janis Snowball
Clerical Volunteer

Janis Snowball advises prospective volunteers to look for opportunities to use current skills and learn new skills while assisting in the offices of the Red Cross Blood Services.  Volunteers assisting in a clerical capacity with the Central Ohio Blood Services Region share their organizational and clerical skills to help the Red Cross fulfill its mission.  Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity like Janis’ where you’ll gain clerical skills while feeling valued and appreciated? 

Janis Snowball first became acquainted with the Red Cross Blood Services as a regular blood donor and as a clerical staff member with the Ohio Department of Health Laboratory.  When boxes of ARC blood products arrived for testing, Janis would assist in logging test results in their system.  As a clerical volunteer in the Office of Volunteers (OV), Janis Snowball has earned a reputation for completing tasks in an efficient and timely manner.  Janis began volunteering with the Red Cross Blood Services over six years ago and has dedicated more than 1,700 hours to service in OV by volunteering every Monday.  Janis shares that she enjoys volunteering in the office because she likes providing support and completing projects that utilize her skills.  She knows that completing her volunteer responsibilities allows paid staff to complete other necessary work and builds the capacity of the Red Cross.  OV staff depend on Janis and look forward to having her in the office each Monday.   Kelly Pifer, OV Coordinator, shares that Janis’ willingness to help where needed is important to the office’s efficiency and program’s success. “She’s a joy to work with and an important member of our team.”

In addition to volunteering with the Red Cross, Janis is a part-time secretary at her church where she creates the church bulletin and newsletter.  She has one sister who lives in San Antonio, TX.  Learn more about clerical opportunities like Janis’ by clicking here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/clerical-volunteer.



William Arnold
Hospital Services Courier Volunteer

Volunteer Hospital Services Couriers travel a 27-county region.  Volunteers like Bill Arnold may drive more than 10,000 miles in one year delivering blood products to patients in need.  Even though volunteers are alone while driving, Bill still shares camaraderie with his fellow volunteer couriers and Red Cross Hospital Services staff when he arrives for his shift. 

Dedicated, faithful, reliable, service-oriented, and humble.  As Bill Arnold points out, these characteristics can easily describe any of his fellow volunteer couriers, but they also epitomize Bill Arnold’s commitment to the Red Cross mission.  Bill has driven close to 1,400 hours and approximately 84,000 miles delivering lifesaving blood products to patients in need in the Central Ohio Region.  His volunteer efforts, along with his fellow volunteers, have touched countless lives.  Bill began volunteering with the Red Cross Blood Services shortly after moving to the Gahanna area.  He was recruited by a neighbor and long time volunteer courier, Darlie Heigle.  The opportunity sounded interesting, so Bill decided to “give it a shot.”  Seven years later, he is still enjoying his volunteer experience with the Red Cross. Bill credits Dave Tatman, Hospital Services Volunteer Coordinator, with his longevity.  “Dave is a good supervisor.  He has everything ready when we arrive.”  Dave shares that he can always count on Bill who has volunteered to take extra runs on a regular basis. 

In addition to his Red Cross volunteerism, Bill works part time supervising student teachers at Ashland University.  He also volunteers through Lutheran Social Services and the food pantry.  Bill and his wife, Judith, have 2 grown children and four granddaughters.  He is a former teacher and cross country coach who enjoys hiking and biking in his spare time. 

Think a volunteer assignment like Bill’s could be for you?  To learn more about our volunteer Hospital Services courier position click here:  http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/volunteer-blood-courier-hospital-services.


Jill Gale
Blood Drive Volunteer

Providing excellent customer service through the donation process is key to a donor’s overall experience at blood drives and Donor Centers.  Jill Gale’s favorite part of her volunteer position is interacting with the donors and staff. 

Jill Gale has learned a lot about the blood donation process while volunteering at Stoneridge Donor Center (SDC).  As she explains the steps of different blood donation processes, it’s evident that Jill finds her volunteer work interesting.  Jill enjoys sharing her experience by training and mentoring new volunteers.  She has also formed meaningful relationships with paid staff, fellow volunteers, and donors in her five years as a Red Cross volunteer.  As a testimony to this, a regular donor at SDC recently brought Jill and her fellow volunteers brownies as a thank you for their exemplary customer service.  Jill shares that her favorite part of volunteering is the contact she has with donors and co-workers.  Education staff member Christy Brickholder shares that Jill is a fixture at SDC and is very dedicated to her volunteer position.  Christy recently had a job change within the Red Cross.  “When I was switching teams, I was upset because I wouldn’t get to see Jill as often.”  As recognition of Jill’s dedication and commitment to the Red Cross Blood Services mission, she received the 2011 Harlan E. Jones Outstanding Volunteer Award.   To date, Jill has volunteered more than 2,500 hours, and is an integral part of the Red Cross.  Jill Gale’s tireless commitment to the Red Cross Blood Services is demonstrated each week.  For instance, when Delaney Halbert, Volunteer Recruitment Representative, made a request to blood drive volunteers to schedule unfilled positions at SDC during the holidays, Jill did not hesitate. 

In her spare time, Jill enjoys working cross word puzzles, crocheting, and spending time with her mother and two brothers.  Click here to learn about blood drive volunteer opportunities:  http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/bloodmobile-greeterreception-volunteer