Featured Central Ohio Volunteers May 2012

We appreciate all of our dedicated volunteers who staff the many essential roles within the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services.  Read about some of our featured Franklin County volunteers below who help make our mission possible.


May 2012


Dolores Williams
Blood Drive Volunteer

Providing excellent customer service through the donation process is key to a donor’s overall experience at a blood drive.  Blood drive volunteers like Dolores Williams enjoy talking with people, have excellent customer service skill, and are important members of our team.

Dolores Williams appreciates the value of lifelong learning and sees this as one of the benefits of her American Red Cross Blood Services volunteerism.  As a retired LPN, Dolores began volunteering with the Red Cross because she saw the value in the work that the organization does to help patients in need of blood products.  Furthermore, volunteering at blood drives has inspired Dolores to pursue a phlebotomist certification.   As a relatively new Red Cross volunteer, Dolores encourages those interested in volunteering with the Red Cross to be open to new experiences and try it.  Dolores has volunteered consistently once per week at Franklin County area blood drives where she shares her excellent customer service skills, inquisitive nature, and interest in helping people to ensure Red Cross blood donors have a positive blood donation experience.  As a testament her superior customer service, she and a fellow volunteer received kudos from paid staff for their friendly, helpful assistance in the reception area of a recent blood drive.  Dolores is also an active volunteer in her church and with the Dept. of Youth Services. 

CLICK HERE to read more about the blood drive volunteer opportunities.



Steve Copeland
Volunteer Blood Run Specialist

Volunteer Blood Run Specialists provide an important role in assisting the Red Cross Blood Services in fulfilling our life saving mission.  They ensure a timely pick up of blood products from various Franklin County fixed sites and deliver them to the lab at the main Red Cross office for processing.

Steve Copeland enjoys, “the feeling of making a real difference in something important.”  He also appreciates interacting with paid staff who genuinely appreciates the time, effort, and dedication of volunteer staff.  Steve shares that Volunteer Coordinators, Dave Tatman and Larry House, are exceptionally good at ensuring that he and other volunteer couriers feel appreciated.  Staff also appreciates Steve’s willingness to take extra courier runs and help with other projects as needed.  He has helped unpack computers and equipment in Mobile Supply and has shared his organizational skills in completing clerical projects.  Steve would suggest that prospective volunteers “give it a try and you’ll find that you like it and you’ll feel like you have made a difference in peoples’ lives.”  If you are interested in making a difference while driving as a Volunteer Blood Run Specialist, CLICK HERE.

In addition to the over 1000 volunteer hours he has dedicated to the Red Cross Blood Services, Steve and his wife, Ellen, are busy volunteers in their community.  Steve volunteers in the food pantry with Victory Ministries and Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.  Steve and Ellen volunteer together during the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin.  Steve uses the same excellent driving skills he shares with the Red Cross to drive golfers around the course. 



Diane Snyder
Volunteer Services Committee Chairperson and
Regional Blood Services Board Member

There are several important volunteer committee positions available through the American Red Cross Blood Services Region.  Committee members are involved with the recruitment of donors, volunteers, and support many areas of the organization.  The Office of Volunteers is currently recruiting volunteers for the Volunteer Services Committee. 

As a Regional Blood Services Board Member and Chairperson for the Volunteer Services Committee, Diane Snyder contributes leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills to support the initiatives of the Red Cross.  However, Diane is also willing to dig in and get her hands dirty, literally.  In preparation for the annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon, Diane potted 20 plants for volunteer gifts and cared for them until the event.  Office of Volunteers Staff and the Volunteer Services Committee depend on Diane’s strong leadership to support and assist the committee in recognition, recruitment, and retention of volunteers as well as in assisting with the overall direction of the office.

Diane began her leadership volunteerism with the Red Cross in 2005.  She chose to volunteer with Red Cross Blood Services because she wanted to get involved with an organization that impacted people in a positive way.  She encourages prospective volunteers to learn about all of the opportunities the Red Cross offers.  Diane suggests, “There is something for everyone… and together we can make a difference.”  The Volunteer Services Committee is looking for new members, CLICK HERE for more information on this leadership volunteer position and to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Diane is an Assistant Vice President in the Employee Benefits Services Department with Mercer Health & Benefits.  Diane and her husband, Eric, are proud parents of two children.  Their daughter will be graduating from college this month while their son is currently a junior in high school.  She enjoys spending time with her family and their two dogs:  Griffin, a St. Bernard, and Mason, a Labrador.