Featured Central Ohio Volunteers February 2012


We appreciate all of our dedicated volunteers who staff the many essential roles within the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services.  Read about some of our featured Franklin County volunteers below who help make our mission possible.


February 2012


Barbara Crown
Clerical Volunteer

Are you looking for a fulfilling, vital volunteer opportunity where your organizational and clerical skills are valued and appreciated?  Are you interested in being a part of a team who enjoys their work and believes in their organizations’ mission?  Barbara Crown’s story may inspire you to share your clerical skills with the American Red Cross Blood Services.

Barbara Crown understands the importance of her clerical volunteer position and its impact on the Central Ohio Red Cross Blood Services.   She is a stellar example of the dedication and passion that our clerical volunteers demonstrate every day. 

As an AARP participant, Barb began volunteering in June 2010 researching diverse community organizations to host future blood drives.  Through this work, Barb helped the Donor Services department increase the number of blood drive sponsors in the region.  In her current volunteer position, Barb is responsible for sending out between 4000 – 5000 postcards per week to message donors about upcoming blood drives.  Barb takes this work seriously and is committed to meeting deadlines.    Her supervisor, Lura Nightlinger shares,” Barb does what it takes to get the mailers labeled, sorted and counted for our bulk mailings every week. “   Barb is a valuable member of our staff. 

 Barb lives with her 88 year old mother and son.  Their family enjoys traveling and spending time together.  To learn more about clerical volunteer positions like Barb’s click here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/clerical-volunteer.



Charles Bynner
Volunteer Hospital
Services Courier

Volunteer Hospital Service Couriers travel a 27 county region, which stretches 170 miles from Athens County in southeastern Ohio to Logan County in northwestern Ohio visiting 41 hospitals.  Volunteers like Charlie may drive over 10,000 miles in one year delivering blood products to patients in need.  Traveling to different areas around Ohio was something that attracted Charlie Bynner to his Red Cross volunteer position. 

Volunteering as a Hospital Services Courier was a good fit for Charlie Bynner 11 years ago when he first retired and continues to be a good fit today.  As a blood donor, he saw the need and wanted to give back.  Charlie shares that he enjoys driving, seeing different areas in Ohio, meeting new people, and making a contribution.  Charlie drives between 150 – 200 miles per week delivering blood products to hospitals and medical facilities in the Central Ohio Region.  Dave Tatman, Volunteer Supervisor/HS Dispatcher shares, “I can always count on Charlie.”  Charlie and all of our volunteer couriers share an extraordinary level of commitment and service to the Red Cross and community.

As a testimony to his generous spirit, Charlie’s volunteerism includes being a Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Marion County, mission work in Honduras and the Appalachian Service Project.  He is also active in his church, and a member of the OSU Retiree Association.  In his spare time, Charlie enjoys traveling with Wendy, his wife of 40 years.

Think a volunteer assignment like Charlie’s could be for you?  To learn more about our volunteer Hospital Services Courier position click here:  http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/volunteer-blood-courier-hospital-services



Ignacio “Joe” Vasquez, Jr.
Blood Drive Volunteer

Providing excellent customer service through the donation process is key to a donor’s overall experience at a blood drive.  Blood drive volunteers like Joe Vasquez, Jr enjoy talking with people, have excellent customer service skill, and are important members of our team.

In 2009, Joe Vasquez, Jr. was drawn to the American Red Cross when he entered “semi- retirement” because of the national and international outreach of the organization.  He wanted to be a part of something all encompassing.

Joe’s primary position with the Red Cross is as a Volunteer Blood Run Specialist (for more about this position, click here:  http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/volunteer-blood-run-specialist-donor-services).   Joe consistently volunteers three to six times per month far exceeding the minimum requirements of once per month for active volunteerism.  Looking for additional volunteer opportunities, Joe volunteered at blood drives when he wasn’t able to find courier runs that worked with his schedule.  

His strong work ethic, enthusiasm, and sense of commitment make Joe a great team player.  Joe’s willingness to give his time and talent where ever needed has not gone unnoticed.  The Office of Volunteers now relies on Joe in several volunteer positions:  courier, blood drive volunteer, clerical, and packing and sorting.   Joe is an extraordinary example of the dedication and commitment to giving back that many volunteers share.

Joe and his wife have been married for 43 years.  They are proud parents, and grandparents to a 16 year old granddaughter and 3 month old grandson.  If you enjoy talking with people and want to share your great customer service skills like Joe, click here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/bloodmobile-greeterreception-volunteer.