Featured Central Ohio Volunteers August 2012


We appreciate all of our dedicated volunteers who staff the many essential roles within the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services.  Read about some of our featured Franklin County volunteers below who help make our mission possible.


August 2012


Ron Betton
Blood Drive Volunteer

Providing excellent customer service through the donation process is key to a donor’s overall experience at a blood drive.  Blood drive volunteers like Ron Betton enjoy talking with people, have excellent customer service skills, and are important members of our team.

“These children need blood.”  These four words moved Ron Betton to become an American Red Cross Blood Services volunteer.  Ron listened to these words at a 2006 church event where Dr. Ng, CEO of the Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Region, spoke about the need for blood donors.  Ron understands the importance of donating blood and appreciates the importance of helping others as a volunteer.  He likes helping people in our community and has spent much of his life doing just that.  Ron retired after 27 years of service as a City of Columbus fire fighter.  As a Red Cross volunteer for more than 6 years, Ron gets a “feel good feeling” when he volunteers at blood drives where he has served over 635 hours over the years.  Furthermore, donors often thank him for his help and that keeps him coming back time and time again.  Click here to learn about blood drive volunteer opportunities:  http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/bloodmobile-greeterreception-volunteer

Delaney Halbert, Volunteer Recruitment Representative, shares that Ron is extremely dedicated to the mission of the Red Cross Blood Services.  He encourages others to volunteer and reminds us that there are children (and adults) who are counting on blood products everyday. Ron shares, “You only give one pint every two months, six times a year, but look at the rewards you reap helping someone else.  To learn more about donating or to schedule a donation appointment click here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/donating-blood.   

Ron and his wife, Marie, are the proud parents of five children and four grandchildren.  Ron enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering at church, and is an avid walker, walking 5 miles per day.



Dave Potter
Volunteer Blood Run Specialist

Volunteer Hospital Services Couriers travel a 27-county region.  Volunteers like Dave Potter may drive over 10,000 miles in one year delivering blood products to patients in need.  Dave also joins fellow Volunteer Blood Run Specialists in ensuring the timely pick up of blood products from various Franklin County donor centers and delivers them to the lab at the main Red Cross office for processing, Dave Potter fulfills two essential roles in helping to ensure blood products are received by Central Ohio patients in need. 

Dave Potter began his volunteerism with the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus Disaster Relief team.  Looking for additional ways to make a difference, he began volunteering for Central Ohio Blood Services in May 2009.  Since that time, Dave has been an integral staff member in several departments including Hospital Services, Donor Services, and the Office of Volunteers. His supervisor, Dave Tatman, shares that Dave Potter’s commitment to the Red Cross is extraordinary.  “Dave will do anything for us and he does.  I count on Dave to drive every Monday and Friday, but he routinely picks up additional runs when needed.”  Dave also volunteers as a Volunteer Blood Run Specialist.  Red Cross staff appreciates Dave’s flexibility and amazing dedication. He is willing to volunteer whenever and wherever needed. 

Dave suggests that new volunteers should be flexible and attempt to do whatever is needed. “Try to pick skills you have from the outside to make the most contribution to the Red Cross,” he said.   Interested in learning more about the Hospital Services Volunteer Courier and/or Volunteer Blood Run Specialist positions? Click here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/volunteer-blood-courier-hospital-services or http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/volunteer-blood-run-specialist-donor-services.

Dave’s contributions don’t stop as a volunteer courier. Dave routinely shares his computer knowledge and office skills to assist many Red Cross departments. Moreover, Dave is a recent recipient of the prestigious American Red Cross of Greater Columbus Preparedness Award for Disaster Services.  The award is in recognition of the time he spends each year traveling around the United States to aid disaster relief initiatives.  In addition to his volunteer efforts with the American Red Cross, Dave assists the Salvation Army with their disaster relief program. 



Shayera Janota
Clerical Volunteer

Volunteers assisting in a clerical capacity with the Central Ohio Blood Services Region share their organizational and clerical skills to help the Red Cross fulfill its mission.  Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity where you’ll gain clerical skills while feeling valued and appreciated?  Shayera’s volunteer experience may inspire you to share your clerical skills with the American Red Cross Blood Services.

Meeting people, helping others, and having fun are just a few of the reasons why Shayera Janota volunteers with the Red Cross Blood Services.  As a clerical volunteer in the Records’ Management & Document Control department since July 2011, she is an asset to her supervisors.  Shayera likes to stay involved and enjoys working with her Red Cross supervisors, Chris Benton and Maria Bichon. Maria shares, “With her help, projects get done that we were previously unable to address. She’s a quick learner and works very efficiently.”   Chris Benton appreciates how dependable and dedicated Shayera is to her volunteer position even though she is busy working a fulltime job.  Learn more about clerical opportunities like Shayera’s and click here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/volunteer-ops/centralohio/clerical-volunteer.

In addition to volunteering with the Red Cross, Shayera works fulltime as a supervisor at a doggy daycare.  Shayera loves working with animals.  She also volunteers with the Medical Reserve Corp on the animal response team and has volunteered at the Humane Society.  During her spare time, Shayera writes short stories and television scripts.  She hopes to be a published author in the near future.