Drive to Serve Scholarship Program

The Central Ohio Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross wants to recognize students who make time for volunteer service to their communities as blood donors, Red Cross volunteers, and through other organizations. That's why the organization offers the Drive to Serve Scholarship program.
As a student, you may be eligible for the scholarship if your school participates in the program. 

High School Scholarship Program:

For your high school to be eligible for the scholarship program, your school must hold at least three Red Cross blood drives during the school year. A scholarship will be awarded to a student for an amount based on the number of blood donations made at the student’s high school.  Check with your school to see if they participate in the program and to obtain a copy of the High School Scholarship application. 
For more information about the scholarship program, contact us: or (614) 253-2740, extension 2504.
High School Leadership Program:
The American Red Cross High School Leadership Program is a meaningful reward and recognition program designed specifically for high school students who support the Red Cross. Students have the opportunity to earn scholarship money, a recommendation letter and more. Click here to find more out for information: