Central Ohio Blood Services

Welcome to the Central Ohio Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross.  Here is a little more information about who we are:
The Central Ohio Blood Services Region


     -     Regional headquarters in Columbus, OH
     -     27 counties
     -     41 hospitals served
     -     7 blood donation centers
     -     800 blood donors needed daily in the region
     -     More than 500 volunteers help fulfill our mission
     -     Annually manufactures more than one million blood products in Columbus, making it one of the largest blood product manufacturers in the United States. 
For more information about Blood Services in Central Ohio, CLICK HERE.
Who we serve
Learn more about local people who receive donated blood check out these videos:
Madeline Richardson 
   -   To view the 2 minute video, CLICK HERE
  -   To view the 7 minute video, CLICK HERE.

Jake Carlino 
   -   Jake survived cancer thanks to donations. To view Jake's video, CLICK HERE.
Dr. Dick Marnach
   -  Dr. Marnack went from a doctor to a patient needing blood. View his video, CLICK HERE.
Emily Stephenson

   -  Emily was born with a rare blood disorder. View her video, CLICK HERE

Brian Boyle

   -  Brian was criticaly injured in an auto accident. VIew his video, CLICK HERE.

Arm to Arm
Ever wonder where your donated blood goes?  Watch a 10 minute video titled Arm to Arm about the journey of one person's donated blood from the point of his donation to the patients who received his blood poducts, CLICK HERE
Give More Life Video PSA
   -   Many give blood when disaster strikes. But blood is needed every day. PSA: CLICK HERE.
Check out other blood recipient stories on our web site HERE.