Planning Timeline

The following are some general recommendations on when to perform certain tasks for your blood drive. Your Red Cross rep may provide you with additional recommendations on when to perform certain tasks.

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Getting Started

  • Secure date and time of drive
  • Select appropriate site
  • Set blood drive goal

Build a Winning Team

  • Form recruitment team
  • Assign specific roles
  • Plan to educate and motivate your team
  • Plan recruitment and promotional strategies

Recruiting & Scheduling Donors

  • Publicize the drive
  • Distribute Red Cross materials
  • Ask donors face to face
  • Schedule appointments
  • Confirm donor appointments (1 week before)

Final Countdown

  • Check site arrangements and parking
  • Remind donors and reconfirm appointments
  • Reconfirm day of drive volunteers
  • Coordinate with your Red Cross representative

Day of the Drive

  • Post directional arrows and posters
  • Greet Red Cross staff
  • Review master schedule
  • Remind donors/contact no-shows

Congratulations & Recognition

  • Post results of blood drive
  • Thank donors
  • Recognize and thank blood drive team
  • Confirm/book date of next blood drive