Blood Drive Process Overview

Before the Drive

Meet with or talk to your Red Cross representative

Throughout the planning process, discuss dates, drive goals, progress on donor recruitment and any other questions that may arise.

Select a drive date

Be sure to check for any potential scheduling conflicts with other major events in or around your organization.

Select a location

Large open rooms, such as cafeterias, school gyms, large conference rooms, etc. work best. Space is important to ensure donor interviews are conducted in a private and confidential manner.

Process Calendar

Everyone is eligible to volunteer

Build your volunteer recruitment and day of drive teams while you are asking to schedule blood donor appointments. Having these two teams in place will help you tremendously.

Recruit donors

Start by organizing a recruitment committee; recruiting donors is most effective when done face-to-face or in a personal ask, and it is much easier to reach more people by spreading the effort among a team of recruiters than doing it alone; also check out our Coordinator's Toolkit and the keys to success.

Process Clipboard Girl

Promote and advertise the drive

Again, with the help of your recruitment and day of drive teams, get the word out. Announce the drive in newsletters, bulletin boards, hallways and elevators, on the organization’s intranet, on social media pages, such as Facebook, and via email.

Engage partners in the organization or community

Drives are even more fun if someone brings or donates extra cookies, pizzas, or other treats for the donors and volunteers. Third party sponsors sometimes can support recruitment efforts, entertainment or donor incentives or thank you gifts (be sure to discuss with your Red Cross representative any donor recruitment incentives or thank you gift ideas).

Follow the checklists

Review our Coordinator Checklist for key steps to complete 12 weeks out, 2 weeks out, the week before and the day before the actual drive. Click here to view checklists to help you.

The Day of the Drive

Arrive early

The Red Cross team will arrive up to two hours prior to the first scheduled appointment in order to set up the room for the drive. Please plan to meet the Red Cross team to ensure they have proper building access to set the drive up.

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Be available

The Red Cross drive supervisor may need to get in touch with you for issues, such as adjusting room temperature or other facility questions that may arise.

Send reminders

It is often helpful to send reminder emails or make reminder calls during the day of the drive, especially to people who miss their scheduled appointment.

Manage the volunteer schedule

If your drive includes volunteers in the registration and refreshments area from your organization, send reminders to volunteers regarding their scheduled shifts. Click here to view additional day of drive checklist ideas to be successful.

After the Drive

Feel good about helping save many lives

By hosting a blood drive, you enabled many people to give blood that most likely would not have done so otherwise. Each of those donations can help save up to three lives – and you made each of those donations possible.

Get your drive results

Your Red Cross representative can share with you how many units were collected relative to your goal. Share the news with your organization – we have found that many donors are very invested in making their drives a success.

Celebrate success

Be sure to acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s participation in and contribution to the drive – via email, in newsletters, or other venues appropriate for your organization. Ideally, your blood drive will be a recurring event, and it is helpful to reinforce everyone’s positive experience and commitment at the end of an event.

Provide feedback to the Red Cross

We strive to make your experience with hosting a blood drive a positive one both for your organization and your donors. If we did something well, or could do something better, let your Red Cross representative know!

Share your ideas

If you did something for your drive that really rallies donors together, please share your success story with other blood drive coordinators. It will be appreciated! Click here to view additional post-drive checklist ideas to be successful