DMD Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Diagnostic Manufacturing Division


Which category am I in?

If you work for an American Red Cross Immunohematology Reference Lab (IRL) or National Testing Lab (NTL) you are an “internal” customer. Any other customer is considered “external.”

Who should I order my product from?

American Red Cross IRLs or NTLs order their products directly from DMD via External customers must order products via our distributor, Hemo bioscience, Inc.

Why do external customers have to order from Hemo bioscience, Inc.?

Hemo bioscience, Inc. offers a more comprehensive product line to make your ordering easier.

How are they shipped?

  • Products are shipping to internal IRL and NTL customers Monday through Thursday via overnight delivery. Arrangements can be made to schedule your preferred delivery date.
  • External customers should check with Hemo bioscience, Inc. for details on their shipping arrangements.


Are the blood grouping reagents monoclonal?

No, they are produced from pools of donor antibody plasma, making them polyclonal reagents.

How should I store my product?

Storage requirements are listed on the label and in the Directions for Use.

How long will I have until the expiration date?

  • Our red cell products will have ~6 weeks until the expiration date from the date of shipping
  • Blood grouping reagents will have at least 4 weeks until expiration for internal customers, and 6 months until expiration for external customers ordering through Hemo bioscience, Inc.

Sometimes the reagents look cloudy. What causes this?

Human plasma is composed of many proteins. They are sometimes more visible from one reagent to another.

Why do your reagents vary in color?

Some antibody specificities require adsorption with red blood cells to remove unwanted antibodies (eg. Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-D). During this process some hemolysis occurs, which colors the serum. Depending on the number of adsorptions required, the color may be darker or lighter. The color does not affect the antigen-antibody reaction.

Directions for use

Why do I need to get Directions for Use online?

Our easy to use website contains versions of the Directions for Use associated with each in date lot number of product. This saves everyone money by not printing extra paper copies.

I cannot locate the directions for my product.

Navigate to the specific page associated with the product. Select the lot number (printed on the product vial); the associated Directions for Use will load as a .pdf file. If this does not work, please contact us.

There doesn't appear to be any difference between lots.

Directions for Use do not change often; the version is updated when changes are made. The version is located following the text, usually at the bottom right.