Hospital Services

Pacific Northwest Blood Services Region


The Pacific Northwest Blood Services Region currently serves more than 60 hospitals within the region and across the nation. If you work for a hospital supplied by the Red Cross, you can rest assured that more than 700 employees, numerous volunteer blood drive coordinators and thousands of volunteer blood donors are working to provide you with the blood products and services needed to treat patients with the best possible care.

Placing Orders

Hospitals may place orders by contacting the appropriate Red Cross Distribution Center. American Red Cross hospital services representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

503.284.7008 select option 1
or 1.800.840.8519 select option 1
503.528.5921 (f)

Cascades East District (formerly Columbia River District)
509.545.7934 (f)

The American Red Cross also offers secure online ordering, credit requests, and return authorization requests to it's hospital customers. If you would like to learn about making this service available to your hospital, please contact your American Red Cross representative.

Hospitals that have online ordering, credit requests, and return authorization requests enabled, can login below..

Educational Resources and Opportunities

The American Red Cross Immunohematology Reference Laboratory is happy to work with our hospital customers in providing specific training or educational information to blood bank staff or other medical professionals. Please contact us to discuss educational opportunities in our main lab or at your site. Stay on top in your rapidly changing professional world, learn from experts and improve your job performance while networking with many other professionals in your business. We offer a variety of different AABB and ACSP audio conferences throughout the year to meet the needs of laboratory professionals.

For more information or to request a brochure, please contact:
Jeanne M. Scott, MT(ASCP)SBBCM
Supervisor, IRL
(503)528-5447 (p)

If you are interested in educational opportunities for physicians and other medical professionals, please contact:
Joseph Shockley, Regional Account Manager

(503) 528-5390 (p)

Hospital Resources

Commonly requested information and additional resources are available online for the convenience of our hospital partners in the Lewis and Clark Blood Services Region..

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The American Red Cross has been providing genetic identity testing for more than 25 years through the Pacific Northwest Blood Services Region's laboratories located in Portland, Oregon. The laboratory provides genetic testing for hospitals, physicians, child support agencies, police departments, immigration services, private parties and individuals.  
Hospital Update is a bi-monthly newsletter for American Red Cross hospital customers in the Pacific Northwest Region. The most recent issues are available here in PDF format.