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The American Red Cross supplies about 40 percent of the nation's blood supply and must collect about 15,000 pints of blood every day to meet the needs of patients at approximtely 2,600 hospital and transfusion centers across the country.

The North Central Blood Services Region, serving Minnesota, western Wisconsin and eastern South Dakota provides lifesaving blood products to 108 hospitals.

You can rest assured that the Red Cross staff and volunteers are working to provide you with the blood products and services needed to treat patients with the best possible care.

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Red Cross Representatives are available to meet your hospital's needs. We are happy to provide the following ordering options (for stat and urgent orders please use the call-in number only).
The Neutrophil Serology Laboratory in St. Paul, MN, has been designated as the National Neutrophil Reference Laboratory for the American Red Cross. Areas of expertise include granulocyte antibody screening, extended antibody identification (MAINA), HLA antibody screening and drug antibody testing.
The Platelet Serology Laboratory performs platelet crossmatching, platelet antibody screens, platelet antibody identification, heparin antibody testing, platelet associated immunoglobulins and drug-dependent anti-body testing. This laboratory also performs P1A1 typing. The platelet serology laboratory aids in the diagnosis of transfusion-related alloimmunization autoimmune thrombocytopenia...
Areas of expertise include simple and complex antibody identification, positive direct antiglobulin tests and titers, autoadsorptions, allogenic adsorptions, drug studies and fetal cell quantitation. The Red Cross is an active participant in the American Rare Donor Program, which helps ensure that people with rare blood types can find matching rare blood when needed. Non-inpatient transfusion...
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Calendar of Events 2016 dates: March March 3, 12:00-2:00 CT Transfusion Medicine Series Instruction Level:  Intermediate March 17, 1:00-2:00 CT Serologic Detection of Weak and Partial D – What Does it Mean for Patients and Donors? Instruction Level:  Intermediate April April 7, 1:00-2:00 CT Transfusion Medicine in the Era of Personalized Genomic Medicine Instruction...
Regional CLIA Certificate of Accreditation AABB Certificate of Accreditation US Nuclear Regulatory Materials Application Letter US Nuclear Regulatory Materials License
CrossConnection is a quarterly publication for American Red Cross Mid-America Blood Services Division hospital partners. The newsletter features the latest in blood banking news, updates about Red Cross products and services, information about Red Cross research as well as case studies and other resources for hospital partners.
The American Red Cross and Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago developed and created a Cooperative Sickle Cell Donor Program dedicated to meeting the transfusion needs of sickle cell patients. The program concept originated in the Penn Jersey Blood Region over 10 years ago and has helped improve transfusion support for children with sickle cell disease.