Hospital Services

Arizona Blood Services Region

The Red Cross provides blood for patients in nearly 3,000 hospitals across the U.S. If you work for a hospital supplied by the Red Cross, you can rest assured that more than 50,000 volunteer blood drive sponsors and 4 million volunteer blood donors are working to provide you with the blood products and services needed to treat patients with the best possible care.

Placing Orders

Hospitals may place orders by contacting the appropriate Red Cross distribution center. See contacts on the Hospital Resources page.

The Red Cross offers secure online ordering, credit requests, and return authorization requests to its hospital customers. If you would like to learn about making this service available to your hospital, please contact your American Red Cross representative.

Hospitals that have online ordering, credit requests, and return authorization requests enabled, can login below.

Hospital Resources

Commonly requested information and additional resources are available online for the convenience of our hospital partners in the Arizona Region.

  • Forms
  • Instructions
  • Certifications
  • Contact Sheets


Hospital Update is a bi-monthly newsletter for American Red Cross hospital customers in the Arizona Region. The most recent issues are available here in PDF format.