Boston Hero Encourages Use of Blood Donor App

In April 2013, MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard "Dic"Donohue, Jr. was shot in an intense gun battle with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

Officer Donohue required more than 46 blood products including red cells, platelets and plasma to help save his life.

When he awoke from surgery, Officer Donohue remembers the doctor saying they gave him any and all blood products they had just to keep him alive.

Officer Donohue's wife Kim was shocked once they arrived at the emergency room at Mount Auburn Hospital, "I didn't realize the amount of blood you go through in a trauma situation. Just to see the boxes coming in was quite surprising. Luckily the blood products were already at the hospital. It was such a relief that it was already available thanks to the generosity of donors."

After spending a month in the Intensive Care Unit and extensive physical therapy, Officer Donohue is walking again and continues to recover, "I am forever grateful for the blood donors that helped save my life." Thanks to our generous volunteer blood donors, the American Red Cross was able to send 600 blood products, including 88 platelets, to Boston area hospitals in response to the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Watch this short video for more information: