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Rino - Blood Donor
I am a Red Cross blood donor that won't give up.  I tried to give blood when I was 18, but was declined in both my junior and senior high school years. Once I got to college, I was deferred again. I was finally able to give blood and have given twice. I love donating blood. The thought of being able to help save three people’s lives every time I go makes me feel like a better person.



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Platelet Donation

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Eligibility Requirements

Travel to Mexico? Tattoos? Diabetes? The sniffles?
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Elegibility Requirements

Benefits of Donating

Benefits of Donating

  • It feels great to donate!
  • You get free juice and delicious cookies.
  • It's something you can spare  most people have blood to spare... yet, there is still not enough to go around.
  • You will help ensure blood is on the shelf when needed most people don't think they'll ever need blood, but many do.
  • You will be someone's hero  in fact, you could help save more than one life with just one donation.

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