DMD Shipping Schedule

Control Cells Shipping Schedule

Each lot will have a shelf life of ~6 weeks from the date shipped.

 Order By Date*  Shipping Date
  09-FEB-2018   19-MAR-2018
  09-MAR-2018   16-APR-2018
  06-APR-2018   14-MAY-2018
  04-MAY-2018   11-JUN-2018
  01-JUN-2018   09-JUL-2018
  29-JUN-2018   06-AUG-2018
  27-JUL-2018   04-SEP-2018
  24-AUG-2018   01-OCT-2018
  21-SEP-2018   29-OCT-2018
  19-OCT-2018   26-NOV-2018
  16-NOV-2018   26-DEC-2018

*Note: Control Cells are made to order each cycle. Changes must be submitted by the 'Order By Date' to be included in the cell count for the next lot.

We observe the following holidays:

Contact the DMDHolidays that fall on a Saturday will be observed the preceding Friday. Holidays that fall on Sunday will be observed the following Monday.

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day