Blood Recipient Story: Dale Cottrill

Hi, my name is Dale Cottrill. I’m 14 years old, live in Harrison County, West Virginia, and I have acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Because of my illness, I have had 19 transfusions of red blood cells and 10 units of platelets. I may have to have more. Because of blood donors like you, I am alive. 

Because of blood donors, I have been to my first WVU football game, have been to my first basketball game and have taken my first ride in a Chevy Camaro.  I have made many friends in the hospital who have also had blood transfusions and who are able to do important things in their lives now. Brittany got to be on homecoming court without being sick, Adam gets to share his love of penguins, Blake gets to play his video games and go to his favorite place – Toys-R-Us. Bobbie, Donnie, Jacob and Kevin and several other children and grown-ups get to say good morning to their families because you chose to help by donating blood. Sadly some of the children don’t make it – they don’t get to experience their dreams, but their parents still have their memories. I realize how frightening it is to see needles from my own personal experience. Luckily I now have a port so they don’t have to stick me so often. I have had numerous spinal taps, and a series of three chemo shots at the same time in my legs. They hurt sometimes, but I know they are saving my life just like you do every time you donate blood.


Without your help and blood donations none of my friends above would be alive. If you can’t donate, you can come to the blood drives, tell others, and continue to be part of helping to save lives like ours. Blood is needed every day; every family is affected one way or another. I thank God for everything.


Thank you, Dale Cottrill.