Platelet Donation – A unique way to help save lives

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Did you know?

Your one platelet donation may potentially provide up to three single doses that can be used for three seperate patients, or up to three doses that can be used for a single patient. It could potentially take a total of 12 to 18 whole blood donations to provide the equivalent of one platelet donation.                                                                    

What is Platelet Apheresis Donation?

Apheresis is a special kind of blood donation that allows you to give just one part of your blood. Platelet apheresis allows you to donate platelets, the tiny cell fragments that help control bleeding.

Who Uses Platelets?

  • Cancer and Leukemia patients use platelets because chemotherapy can prevent a patient's bone marrow from making enough platelets to enjoy every day activities.
  • Bone marrow recipients can use up to 120 doses of platelets waiting for their new bone marrow to engraft.
  • Platelets are used during heart by-pass surgery to prevent post-operative bleeding.

Meet Kristen Carfang, blood and platelet recipient, thankful for donors like you!

Why Should I Donate Platelets?

  • Advances in medical technology and treatments would not be possible without platelets; but there is still no way to manufacture them. They must come from dedicated platelet donors.
  • Platelets only last five days and a constant supply is needed.

What Are Some Donation Requirements?

  • Platelet donors must be at least 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds.
  • Donors must be in general good health the day of their donation.
  • Donors must be free of aspirin or medicine containing aspirin for two calendar days prior to donation.
  • Donors who take anticoagulants or anti-platelet drugs may not donate platelets while on these medications.

Where Can I Donate Platelets?

Visit one of our area platelet donor centers:

  • Altoona, PA (Orchard Plaza, 415 Orchard Avenue, Suite K)
  • Beaver, PA (135 Friendship Circle)
  • Greensburg, PA (351 Harvey Avenue)
  • Johnstown, PA (250 Jari Drive)
  • State College, PA (135 South Pugh Street)

Click here for additional information on our Platelet Donation FAQ sheet or call 1-800-542-5663, extensions 622633, 622637 or 622657.


Have Type AB?

Since only 4% of the population has Type AB, your plasma is in high demand. Click here for additional information on Type AB platelet donations.