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Volunteer Stories

Introduction to becoming a volunteer. 0:39 seconds
More Movies About Volunteering
Introudction to becoming a volunteer.
39 seconds
How long have you been a volunteer?
41 seconds
How did you come to choose the American Red Cross?
1:13 minutes
What activities do volunteers perform?
32 seconds
What do you like most about volunteering?
1:26 minutes
What message would other volunteers share?
51 seconds
How often do you volunteer?
15 seconds
Volunteer Video Final.
34 seconds

More Volunteer Stories


It Feels Good to Help Others in Need


Love to help people in need


Donated blood

Shivan Desai

Shivan Desai's First Time Donating Blood


I love knowing i am saving someones life!


Unexpected Volunteer


When I Turn 16


First time

Jessica McGroarty

Service to others

Lorna G. Bell

I have O negative blood bu the last two times I came to donate. My iron levels were down and I was sent home.