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Volunteer Opportunities

Southern Blood Services Region

What You Can Do As A Volunteer
As a nonprofit, the American Red Cross Blood Services relies on the help of volunteers to effectively meet the needs of patients in the 100 hospitals it serves in the Southern Region. These patients have diverse needs, and there are various ways in which you can volunteer to help the Red Cross improve their lives.
It’s easy to become a Red Cross volunteer! Our volunteer services team will accommodate your schedule while allowing you to make a meaningful contribution that utilizes your skills in available locations. If necessary, we will also provide the training you need to perform a certain function effectively. 
Blood Service Volunteer
As a volunteer, you can assist at a bloodmobile or collection site and ensure each donor has a safe and positive experience. Volunteers assist in the following functions:
  • Registration/Greeter - Work at registration tables, where donors sign in when they arrive
  • Refreshment area - Assist with serving refreshments and making sure donors are comfortable
  • Administrative Support
Volunteers can also perform support duties, such as:
  • Delivering blood and blood products to hospitals
  • Assisting with administrative and clerical duties
  • Coordinating volunteer coverage
  • Creating computer-based documentation, mailings, etc.
  • Helping out with special events
  • Acting as translators for Spanish-speaking donors
For more information on current volunteer opportunities, please contact: 
Diamond Lesane
Manager, Regional Volunteer Services 
9851 Commerce Way 
Douglasville, GA 30135
(770) 852-4202 (p)