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Volunteer Opportunities

South Carolina Blood Services Region

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are an important part of the Red Cross team!Looking for a challenging and rewarding addition to your life? Become an American Red Cross volunteer! The American Red Cross South Carolina Blood Services Region relies on volunteers serving in a wide range of interesting positions. Like Red Cross units everywhere, we look to people like you to help us provide the best services possible to our community. Volunteers from all walks of life are welcome at the Red Cross.

There are numerous opportunities for you to make a difference in people’s lives – and no matter what your skills, there is a place for you!

Becoming a Red Cross volunteer is easy. We provide a general orientation to the entire organization, as well as free training specific to each position.

Steps to Becoming a Red Cross volunteer:
1. Volunteer Opportunities - view a description of each volunteer position and choose up to two that fit your skills and schedule.

2. Download an application form - download and print our volunteer registration form, then fill it out with your contact information, skills, and the opportunities that interest you. Don't forget to sign the Code of Conduct as well as the Confidential Information and Intellectual Property Agreement.

Click here for our volunteer spotlight 3. Orientation - the online orientation is designed to introduce you to the Red Cross and provide you with the foundation to begin your volunteer experience.

4. Quiz
Please download and complete the Red Cross Ready quiz.

5. Submit application and quiz answers
E-mail, fax or mail the completed application to:

Genice Crumpton
Office of Volunteers
(803) 251-6105 (p)
(803) 251-6073 (f)