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Volunteer Opportunities

Northern Ohio

To join our lifesaving team contact Lynne Lisner, Volunteer Manager, 216-431-3172 or email


Provide leadership and assistance to ensure an effective and efficient blood drive which will contribute to an adequate and safe blood supply in our communities. Day of drive reports to the site charge collection staff and serve as a liaison between collection staff and volunteers. Coordinates volunteer stations, meals and break times. Under...
Welcome donors at blood drives and provide a professional, informative and supportive registration process for blood collection. Provide a warm friendly greeting to all donors. Instruct and make donor comfortable in registration procedures. Assist in maintaining a smooth flow of donors into the Health History area. Enthusiastically thank blood...
Provide attention, care, and refreshments to blood donors following blood donations. Careful observation of donors is essential to alert staff of potential adverse donor reactions. Offer refreshments, appropriate instructions and conversation. Explain importance of blood donations and encourage regular donations. Set up and maintain cleanliness in...
Lead and organize your family, friends, club, retiree team, church group, school class or scout troop to help the Red Cross at local blood drives by recruiting blood donors or assisting as a registration or canteen volunteer. Enthusiastically thank blood donors.
Assist the Red Cross office staff on a scheduled or as needed basis. A variety of assistance is needed including: running a copy machine, folding printed material, labeling, sorting, filing. Occasionally office projects are available that require computer skills such as data entry.
Cleveland OH
Assist Education department during employee training by providing training materials, setting up room and equipment and other clerical or administrative duties as assigned by supervisor. Also assist Human Resources during virtual training by testing Lync meeting connectivity and troubleshooting any issues that may  arise.