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Volunteer with American Red Cross, Roanoke Valley Chapter

352 Church Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

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The American Red Cross needs you to help fulfill its mission to provide the safest, most reliable, cost effective blood to the American people through voluntary blood donations. There are numerous volunteer opportunities to help the American Red Cross blood program in your own community. Help create a Red Cross presence in your community by making a definable difference, demonstrating the value of volunteering by giving back. You can translate your care and concern into community service.

Red Cross volunteers come from all walks of life. We realize the value of your time and offer flexible schedules and locations. We value your knowledge and will work with you to find the position most suited to you. Develop and refine your skills. Your commitment and contributions will add value to your community and help change lives.

Visit our local Roanoke Valley Chapter click here.

Operational Volunteer Job DescriptionsIn addition to those listed above you will need operational volunteers. Our preference would be to have the sponsoring group provide operational volunteers. However, if your group cannot provide them please work with your Red Cross representative to insure coverage.

Unloading/Loading - General Assistance

  • Be available one hour and 45 minutes prior to start time
  • Be able to lift up to 40 pounds (supply trunks, donor beds, work stands, etc.)
  • Be available one hour after registration closes
  • Reset the room to sponsor needs.

Greeter (training provided on site)

  • Be available 30 minutes prior to start time
  • Welcome donors
  • Ask each presenting donor for ID
  • Manage donor appointment schedule
  • Ask each donor to read required information
  • Refer all donor questions regarding medications, medical conditions, or travel to the charge nurse.
  • Ask each donor to wait until a Red Cross staff member calls him/her to a health history station.
  • Maintain donor sign-in/appointment log/donor flow chart
  • Call scheduled donors who do not show to remind them of their appointments.

Walkers (training provided on site)

  • Be available 30 minutes prior to start time
  • Escort donors from bed to canteen (Carry their belongings)
  • In the event a donor develops dizziness or nausea as they walk, have them sit on the floor and call out "chair".
  • In the event the arm begins to bleed, ask donor to bend their arm and call for a nurse.

Canteen (training provided on site)

  • Be available 30 minutes prior to start
  • See that each donor is seated comfortably with both feet flat on the floor facing the table.
  • Ask each donor to stay 15 minutes
  • Ask each donor what snack and drink he/she would like and serve it to him/her.
  • Provide food and drink to donors after donation
  • In the event a donor develops dizziness or nausea, have them sit and put his/her head down and call "chair."
  • Be alert and know to call for help if a donor shows signs that he/she does not feel well.
  • If a donor's arm starts to bleed, ask the donor to press the bandage with his/her opposite hand   and call for a nurse. Do not try to stop the    bleeding or clean up the blood. A Red Cross staff member will do this.
  • Thank donors for donation and encourage them to make their next appointment
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