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Volunteer Opportunities

North Central

Each year more than one million Americans join with the American Red Cross to provide vital services in their community through volunteer work. When you volunteer with the Red Cross, you become part of a group of people who truly make a difference in the lives of their fellow Americans. And, by volunteering for Red Cross Blood Services, you will be helping patients in serious medical need.

The canteen server provides refreshments to the donors following their donation and makes them feel good about what they've done. Canteen servers talk to donors and report to Red Cross staff if a donor shows signs of not feeling well. They also provide recognition for donors that have reached a donation milestone. It is important that they promote...
The greeter meets donors at the door, introduces the donation process and guides the donor through the first steps of their donation. They work with Red Cross staff to ensure donors move through the process smoothly. Greeters often have the greatest impact on donors because they are the first to meet and greet them.