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A Proud Father's Story


Bob Lothrop

Glenwood, IA
March 30, 2013
My son Brian used to accompany my wife and I to an annual chili supper our Red Cross Chapter sponsored as a way of saying thank you to all the year's generous platelet donors.He always said, " When he was old enough, he wanted to try donating." On the day he was old enough, he made his first donation. Despite a busy high school schedule, as well as working on the weekends, then a BS degree in Nursing, and now working as a cardiac nurse , he continues to donate..... regularly,.... every other Sunday 6:30 AM.... 38th and Dewey, making the 60 mile round trip to donate while in high school, then 100 mile round trip while in college. He doesn't know a single person that has ever needed blood products...hopes he never will. I don't imagine a single one of his friends knows he even donates.The Omaha- metro, with a population approaching 1 million people has 49 donors that have reached the 500- donation milestone and Brian would love to join that "elite group".The average age of donor in this group approaches 60 years old or better. At 400+ donations and going strong, Brian should reach the "500" milestone at age 27....about the age, I, his proud father donated for the first time.