Summer of Stories

It’s summer. A time for living it up, creating memories and stories that last a lifetime.
What if you could give someone a summer of stories? With the Red Cross, you can.
Live a story. Give a story. Donate blood or platelets.

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Story of the Week

Story of the Week

Scot and his wife were visiting a New Jersey library that happened to be hosting a blood drive. Neither had donated blood in about 2 years, but decided they should that day. 2 months later, they received the call no parent ever wants to receive. Their son, Zack, was injured in a skiing accident. He was flown by helicopter to a local hospital. Zack had a traumatic brain injury that required hours of surgery and multiple blood transfusions to recover. Scot and his wife often think about how blood was available when Zack needed it. Today, Zack is a normal teenager and a Red Cross blood donor.

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As you create summer memories and stories to last a lifetime, remember to donate blood or platelets for patients in need, and your efforts could win you an American Express gift card.