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A small community with a huge HEART…

Greater Ozarks-Arkansas

October 29, 2009

(August 19, 2009 - Little Rock, Arkansas) The American Red Cross and the Ouachita County Medical Center teamed up August 17th and 18th to sponsor a compassionate blood drive in honor of 4-year-old Camden resident, Zoe Goss. Zoe, a beautiful, full-of-life youngster became  suddenly quite ill. Extensive testing discovered that this child was suffering from cancer…a Stage III Neuroblastoma. Treatment began immediately.  

Last week the tumor was successfully removed at Arkansas Childrens Hospital and she began her fifth round of chemotherapy.  This has been very hard on her but Zoe is fighting back. Soon she will begin treatment that will require her to live in a “clean room” at ACH for at least 30 days.  During this isolation only her mother and father will be allowed to visit.  Imagine how difficult this is for a four year old and those who love her.  Currently plans allow her two weeks at home with her grandparents and her sister Emma before she returns for this longer course of care.

While donating at the drive her father Ben Goss told Red Cross staff that she is so very brave and has been much stronger than her parents about her illness.  The treatment of her cancer will continue to require whole blood and platelet transfusions.   Caring donors make this life saving blood available.  177 units were collected in honor of Zoe and other children in need.  An additional  23 units were collected recently at another drive in her honor making it clear that many people care about this young family.  

Zoe’s mother, Dr. Erin Goss understands how important this gift is. Soon to join her father Dr Larry Braden in a local medical practice, Erin wants to thank everyone who responded. She said, “we are so excited and appreciative of the turn out.  Ben added, “there are some very special people in Camden and we cannot thank them enough”.   

Across the region, many patients and families rely on donated blood every day.  Make a difference by calling and scheduling your appointment today. For a list of blood drives in the Greater Ozarks-Arkansas Region, by clicking on "Make an Appointment" above.