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Urgent need for blood donors during summer trauma season

July 16, 2010

Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood. The need is constant but the number of people who donate, particularly during the summer trauma season months, often declines.  

This July the local American Red Cross has seen a 10 percent dip in blood donations which represents about 870 donations. Currently donors of types O-negative, A-negative and B-negative are needed most.   

“It’s easy to forget that blood is needed every day,” said Rodney Wilson, communications manager for the Central Ohio Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross.  “But you never know who might need blood or when.  By giving now, you can help make sure blood is there for anyone who might need it, maybe even someone you know.”

Several reasons contribute to a decrease in donations during the summer.  Colleges and high schools are no longer in session. Approximately 20 percent of the blood donated in Central Ohio comes from college and high school students who are on summer break and are not giving through regularly scheduled blood drives.  An increase in vacations and outdoor activities can also keep people from taking the time to donate blood.  And even the summer heat can keep people indoors and away from giving blood.

“If you have never given before, now is the time to try,” said Wilson.  “After you give blood you will receive a packet that includes your blood type information, too.”

The Red Cross holds blood drives across Central Ohio every day to meet the needs of patients at 41 area hospitals.  Those who come to donate blood this July and August can register to win up to $1,000 in free gas from Marathon®.


To find a blood drive location convenient for you, visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.




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