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Temperature rises and blood donations dip, Red Cross in need of more summer donors

Central Ohio

June 8, 2011

As temperatures rise across Ohio, blood donations have dipped.  Since the beginning of June, the local Red Cross has seen nearly a 10 percent dip in blood donations, and is currently about 400 donations short from the target need. 

“We must collect blood from 650 blood donors every day in Central Ohio to meet the needs of patients at 41 local hospitals,” said Rodney Wilson, communications manager form the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services Region.  “Those receiving the blood are our neighbors and children, our friends and family right here in Central Ohio.” 

The dip in donations has already caused two blood types to drop to critically low levels, including O-negative and B-negative.  “Looking at our blood supplies right now, our inventory is below sufficient levels and we need more donors to boost the supply.” 

Recognizing that people are busier during summer months with vacations, graduations and family gathers, the Red Cross has partnered with several organizations to offer great gifts for those who give blood during the critical summer trauma season months.  From now through August, those who come to donate can:

“Summer is typically a challenging time for the Red Cross because most people are too busy to think about giving blood,” said Wilson.  “But the need for blood doesn’t take a summer vacation, and we are asking that people make giving blood part of their summer to-do list.”

The need for blood is constant. Trauma victims, cancer patients, premature babies and children who suffer from sickle cell disease often need blood products to survive every day in the community.  Every two seconds someone in America needs blood. 


To schedule an appointment to donate blood and to learn more, click the "Make a blood donation appointment" button above or call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767).


Watch a video about Madeline, a local girl currently using blood for treatment of cancer:  CLICK HERE





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