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Roll Up a Sleeve as Labor of Love Before Summer Ends

Appalachian Blood Services Region

August 28, 2012

Roll Up a Sleeve as Labor of Love Before Summer Ends

American Red Cross encourages blood donation around the holiday weekend


Roanoke, VA. (August 22, 2012) – The American Red Cross faces a critical need for blood donations as summer winds down and the Labor Day holiday approaches.


Although an emergency appeal for donors in early summer temporarily stopped a decline in donations, results from July show that Red Cross blood donations for the month were the lowest they had been since 1996. In fact, blood donations through the Red Cross hit a 15-year low earlier this summer.


“Anyone who gave blood at the start of summer may be eligible to donate again as summer comes to a close,” said Bob Eaton, chief executive officer of the Appalachian Blood Services Region. “Rolling up a sleeve and helping save lives can be a special way to celebrate the Labor Day holiday this year.”


If at least three extra donors gave blood at every Red Cross drive through the rest of summer, above what the drives expect to collect, there would be enough blood on the shelves to meet patient needs. Thousands of blood donations are needed each and every day to help treat accident victims, cancer patients, children with blood disorders and others. These patients rely on lifesaving blood products during their treatment. Those whose lives may be touched by your generosity will be forever grateful.


All blood types are needed to ensure an adequate blood supply is available. Donors with type O negative, O positive, A negative or B negative are especially encouraged to give at this time. Type O negative is the universal blood type and can be transfused to any patient. This blood type is often used in emergency situations when doctors do not have time to check a patient’s blood type before transfusion.