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Life Share High School Scholarship Program

Life Share High School Scholarship Program! 

Nearly every two seconds, someone in America needs blood. Did you know that up to 20 percent of the total blood collections come from young people like high school students? That is why high schools that sponsor American Red Cross blood drives make a vital contribution to the community.

By hosting High School blood drives you are empowering your students to do their share, which may help save the lives of family, friends and fellow community members down the street or throughout the nation. Not only  do these blood drives help maintain an adequate blood supply, they also provide students the opportunity to help save lives and develop valuable leadership skills. Additionally, it provides your school with an opportunity to become more involved in your community and be recognized for your achievements as a Life Share sponsor with the American Red Cross.

We would like to introduce an exciting new scholarship program and you could be a part of it! It’s the Life Share High School Scholarship Program — and participation is as easy as it is life-changing!

Scholarship Rewards
This program rewards schools and students for the outstanding contributions they make to the local blood supply. There are no competitions between schools for the same scholarship. You will be rewarded based solely on your school’s participation.

Level        Percentage    Scholarship Award
Silver            30%                  $200.00
Gold              40%                 $300.00
Platinum       50%                 $500.00

Sponsors are asked to do their share by achieving Silver, Gold or Platinum status based on your participation rate*
as a Life Share sponsor with the American Red Cross.


How it Works
The program is simple. All schools that sponsor at least two blood drives and meet a recognition level
will automatically be rewarded that scholarship amount, as shown above.


Get Started
Contact your American Red Cross Account Representative to get started today! Feel free to ask any
questions about the Life Share High School Scholarship Program.


Rules of the Life Share High School Scholarship Program:

  • All high school sponsored blood drives from June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013 will count towards the 2012-2013 Life Share High School Scholarship program.
  • Participating high schools must host at least two blood drives during the scholarship period in order to be eligible for a scholarship award. 
  • High schools can also sponsor community blood drives; either in full or in part. A full sponsorship of a community drive is one where all sponsor activities must be handled by the high school students. Sponsor activities include but are not limited to securing blood drive location and canteen items, publicizing drive around community by displaying posters, holding recruitment tables and recruiting for drive via telemarketing efforts and provide volunteer coverage for the entire blood drive. A partial sponsorship is one where the high school students
    share the sponsor activities with another sponsoring group. 
  • Community sponsored drives must be preapproved by the American Red Cross as eligible participating drives.
    If the schools fail to perform all sponsor activities for community sponsor drives, they will not receive the
    appropriate credit.
  • School will receive the following credit for the sponsored community drives productive units collected as follows:
         Full Sponsorship: 100% of productive units collected
         Partial Sponsorship: 50% of productive units collected
  • Recognition level percentages (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are based on participation rate. Participation rate is determined by dividing the total units collected by the age eligible population of high school students.
  • High School populations only include age eligible students. Population is determined using the formula of 1/3 of the 10th graders and total population of the 11th and 12th graders.
  • All donations count, not just those made by students. Opening blood drives up to faculty and parents (or even the community in general) may increase overall participation rate. 
  • Scholarships are awarded based on achieved recognition level as outlined below:
         Silver Recognition Level – $200.00
         Gold Recognition Level – $300.00
         Platinum Recognition Level – $500.00
  • Scholarship awards are issued directly to colleges or educational institutions on behalf of the winning student. Awards are distributed via one check per educational institution.
  • Criteria for selecting a High School scholarship recipients is as follows: 
         Student must be in their senior year of high school at an accredited state educational facility.
         Student must graduate high school on time at the end of their senior year.
         Student must continue their education starting in the fall semester following graduation at an accredited
         2-year, 4-year or Professional Trade school.
         Student must be an active participant in the high school blood program and should exhibit a leadership role
         in the coordination and recruitment of blood drives. Schools will take into account most units recruited and
         most hours committed towards supporting the blood program when making final student selection.
  • School administrations are responsible for selecting the scholarship winners within the rules and criteria set forth by the American Red Cross.