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MOFILM Video Winners

Started as an artistic project in early 2007 with the Sundance Institute and GSM Association, MOFILM has grown into a global community of filmmakers working with world-leading brands and distributing content to much of the globe.

MOFILM's mission is to allow creative people from anywhere in the world and with any background to 'Get Creative - Get Noticed and Get Famous!' using the MOFILM platform as a base to run 'Make an Ad' and film competitions to showcase talent.

This year’s event took place in Barcelona, Spain on February 13th – 16th.  The Red Cross was one of several brands represented, including the Pepsi, Chevrolet, Tropicana, and Mountain Dew.   The Red Cross received 129 submissions, the most of any brand in the competition (the average brand received 56).

The winning Red Cross ads are:

Animated States

By: Nick Murray Willis


Cup of Sugar

By: Anne Barliant



By: David Zandman