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Lewis and Clark Blood Services Region

Serving Utah, Idaho, Montana, Southwestern Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and Southern Nevada


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Donor Stories

Dennis Gaerte of Salt Lake City has never had an accident or injury requiring a blood transfusion.  However, he is a regular blood donor to the American Red Cross.  Here’s the story.   “I was inspired to start donating blood because of my mother’s example,” Dennis explained, “She started donating early in her life while serving in the military during WWII. She continued to donate after the war until her doctor told her to stop because of some medical complications.  She had donated four gallons and seven pints when she was told to quit.  Throughout the rest of her life she wished that she would have been able to donate that last pint to make it five gallons.”   Dennis started donating in college, when he was in his 20’s.  He said, “I was an off again, on again donor but kept remembering my mother’s wish that she had completed her five-gallons goal.  I made a commitment to become a regular donor and I now mark the calendar so that I donate every eight weeks.  I am within one pint of eight gallons.”   
—Dennis E. Gaerte

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