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Local Promotion Winners

The American Red Cross looks for every opportunity to thank donors who help save lives by donating blood throughout the year. Whenever possible the Red Cross and our corporate partners run promotions to give a little something back to blood donors who give so much!

Thank you donors, sponsors and corporate partners for your support of the local blood supply!

Suburban Propane Fuel Your Community Giveaway
Louise Deschenes won a $200 Visa gift card courtesy of Suburban Propane.
Summer of Stories - Memorial Day Promotion
Sarah Waldo from Westminster West, VT won a $1,000 gift card. Sarah has been donating since 1976 after being inspired by her husband.

“It’s something I’m committed to do as long as I can,” Sarah says. “The Red Cross does valuable work worldwide.”

To anyone considering donating blood, Sarah says, “It’s easy to do. Give the gift of life. It’s very satisfying.”