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Hospital Services

South Carolina Blood Services Region

A message to our valued customers:

On behalf of the American Red Cross South Carolina Blood Services Region, thank you for your support and confidence in the Red Cross Blood Services program. We pride ourselves on providing lifesaving blood and blood products to all your patients and physicians. As the provider of two-thirds of the blood products in South Carolina and part of Georgia, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs. After we serve our local communities, we stand prepared to help all Americans across the country and around the world-whether they are serving overseas, hospitalized due to illness or undergoing healing therapies. Our duty to ensure a safe and sufficient blood supply is a special and critical one in today's healthcare, and excellent customer service is a goal we continue to strive for in all that we do every day.

Thank you for choosing the Red Cross to serve the needs of your patients and physicians. We greatly appreciate your support of our blood program. Together, we can save a life.

Dr. Courtney Hopkins, Medical Director (803) 251-6037 (p) (803) 251-6073 (f)
Donor Client Service Center Lookbacks, PRTTI, Recalls/Market Withdrawals 866-236-3276; Autologous and Directed 800-522-4587 or 800-458-5093  
Tiffany Walters, Reference Lab Supervisor (803) 251-6189(p) (803) 251-6029(f); Rosemary Martin-Jones, Laboratory Manager (803) 251-6154(p) (803) 251-6039(f)  
Paula Gray, Manager (803) 251-6043(p) (803) 251-6098(f); Fred Gilliard, Supervisor - Charleston (843) 745-6336(p) (843) 745-6341(f); Noel Hall Order Management Representative II (803) 251-6103(p) (803) 251-6098(f)
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