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Hospital Services

Tennessee Valley

The American Red Cross Blood Services Tennessee Valley Region is your resource in terms of medical and technical information within the blood banking community.  Our medical staff serve as a medical and technical resource for hospital transfusion issues and conduct transfusion education programs within the region.

The Red Cross South Central Blood Services Division serves nearly 350 hospitals in the south central U.S. If you work for a hospital supplied by the Red Cross, you can rest assured that more than 2,900 employees, nearly 4,000 volunteer blood drive coordinators and more than 360,000 volunteer blood donors are working in our division to provide you with the blood products and services needed to treat patients with the best possible care.

Day or night, the Red Cross will send blood and blood products, provide laboratory services and expert medical consultation. Through the American Red Cross Blood Services, hospitals in the Tennessee Valley Region have the benefit of local service and a national network of experienced professionals. 

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