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Champions for Life

Make a Pledge, Make a Difference

Champions for Life is a club for our loyal whole blood and double red cell donors that rewards you for making a pledge to donate a specific number of times during each calendar year.
By making a pledge, you are letting us know that we can count on you. And in return for this gesture, we show our appreciation by sending you a special "Champions for Life" pin each year based on your actual number of donations. Double red cell donations count as two donations.  These beautiful pins have become a cherished badge of honor for thousands of donors since the "Champions for Life" program began in 2003.
So join the club, and become a Champion today by making your pledge for 2014 below!
When entering your Donor ID, please enter only the numeric code that appears at the bottom of your donor cardClick here to view a sample card. 

Please enter your two digit state code.

Please enter your Donor ID if available as this will speed the registration process. (Numeric code only)

Please enter the number of donations that you pledge to make this year.  Enter a number between 1 to 6.