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DailyChek QC Kit

DMD Products | Daily QC KitAmerican Red Cross (Red Cross) DailyChek QC Kit is used in quality control of blood bank reagent red blood cells.  It consists of Positive and Negative Controls used to evaluate reactivity with A1, A2, B and O reverse grouping and antibody detection reagent red blood cells.  The Positive Control can monitor performance of potentiators.

Red Cross DailyChek QC Kit is supplied ready for use, no dilution or modification is required.

  • For quality control of blood bank reagent red blood cells
  • Kit contains:
    • Positive Control – 2 x 7.5 mL vials
    • Negative Control – 1 x 10 mL vial
  • Store at 1-8 C

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All blood products should be treated as potentially infectious.

Directions for Use (DFU)

Please refer to the Lot Number on the vial for the correct version of the directions.

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