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Career Opportunity

Problem Investigator

Job Description

Provides subject matter expertise as a Problem Manager and following appropriate regulatory procedures, manages the entire problem management process until problems are closed, escalated or referred. Ensures the appropriate problems are escalated to BHQ properly and that specialized problems are identified correctly as outlined in the Problem Management (PM) policy and procedures. Identifies and investigates problems and conducts root cause analysis. Recommends corrective actions, dispositions and modifications. Implements corrective actions. Responsible for ensuring that all aspects, impacts, and causes of problems are identified, documented, and resolved.  Ensures that all timeframes for problem reporting, corrective action plan development, implementation activities, and effectiveness checks are consistently met as outlined in the PM policy and procedures.   Maintains positive working relationships and manages cross-departmental activities through all stages of problem management. Ensures that representatives from affected departments are involved in the identification, investigation, documentation, and corrective action planning and effectiveness checks for the appropriate problems.  Serves as a team lead and resource for PM teams in conducting probable and root cause analysis, developing and implementing corrective action plans, and monitoring effectiveness checks. Maintains personal competency in all aspects of PM, including policies and procedures. Refer to Problem Management Curriculum. Assists PM teams to function as part of a cohesive, effective unit whose sole mission is to execute the policies and procedures of the PM System.  Performs related duties as assigned.  

Qualifications:  2 Year degree in relevant discipline required. 3 years relevant work experience required, preferably in problem management, quality assurance, or regulated industry; Red Cross experience highly desired.  Advanced analytical and problem solving skills.  Demonstrated interpersonal skills, including persuasion, effective communication, objectivity, assertiveness, and thoroughness are required.   Demonstrated effective verbal and written skills.  Must be proactive, self-motivated and have strong collaborative abilities.  Must display tact, diplomacy and professionalism in difficult situations.  Must protect the confidentiality of sensitive information.   Organizational and time management skills required.

Reference: Problem Investigator


Charlotte, NC