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Career Opportunities


As a Red Cross employee, you will touch thousands of lives each year by helping provide lifesaving blood products to patients in need. If you are looking for a rewarding position that is fast paced and challenging, we encourage you to join us on this journey that is the mission of the Red Cross and experience the greatness of the human spirit at its best.

Madison WI
Prepare blood components. Maintain manual and computer records associated with production or testing. Comply with safety policies and procedures in the work area and use applicable protective equipment at all times to prevent exposure to potentially infectious blood and body fluids.
Madison WI
Creates a team environment in which all relevant duties are performed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), American Red Cross Biomedical Services directives and local policies and procedures. Provides leadership needed to maintain premiere donor care and customer safety and satisfaction during the blood collection process....
Dubuque IA
Plan and implement effective strategies to recruit and retain donor groups who will sponsor collection operations, work to achieve established blood collection goals, and ensure sufficient numbers of specialized donors (may include, but not limited to 2RBC, type O, apheresis, bone marrow, plasma, stem cell) to meet program needs. Develop potential...