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The 2014 Battle of the Badges

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The nation’s largest, most successful law enforcement and public safety blood drive initiative

Join the thousands of badge-carrying heroes across the Western United States going head-head this winter to help the American Red Cross save lives.

The Constant need. Each day, the Red Cross must collect enough blood to meet patient needs at hundreds of local hospitals and trauma centers.  This initiative is strategically held at the beginning of the new year, a time when our community blood supply typically drops to dangerously low levels.

Blood donations dramatically decline during the holiday season, when schools are on break and many people go on vacation.  The life-saving blood collected through the Battle of the Badges helps alleviate the strain on our continually depleted blood reserves, and highlights our local law enforcement heroes for going beyond the call of duty.

Nearly all Battle of the Badges blood drives are open to the public.  With your help, this year’s initiative can have a substantial impact on the availability of blood for accident victims, cancer patients, sickly seniors, and premature babies.

Are you up to the challenge? Host your own Battle of the Badges blood drive to help patients in need. Take on the LAPD, the reigning champs, or issue a challenge to another agency of your choice!


The Battle of the Badges began in 2007 in Southern California as an opportunity for badge carrying personnel to positively impact our community by competing in a friendly blood drive competition.  In six short years, the program has grown extraordinarily into what has become the nation’s largest and most successful law-enforcement blood drive.

This year, state, county and federal badge-carrying agencies will go head-to-head to see which can donate the most pints of blood through the American Red Cross.  And while this initiative is themed and geared specifically toward the law enforcement community, the general public is strongly encouraged to participate.

* Although this year’s campaign does not officially begin until January 15th, December 15th through January 7th is a period where the blood supply has historically dropped to critically low levels. When selecting your blood drive date, please consider a date within the critical period prior to the public launch.