National Testing Laboratories

With 50 years of donor blood testing experience and with over six million donations tested annually, the National Testing Laboratories (NTLs) offer the expertise, technology and throughput capacity necessary to provide high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective donor blood testing. The integrated network of four full-service blood testing laboratories provides services to both Red Cross and community blood centers and hospitals. See tests performed on donated blood »

The NTL facilities are located in:

  • St. Louis, MO:         314-658-2180
  • Charlotte, NC:         704-587-4660
  • Portland, OR:          503-253-9660
  • Philadelphia, PA:   215-451-4700

In addition, the Red Cross operates a Confirmatory Laboratory in Charlotte, NC. Donor samples that have been determined to be repeatedly reactive in the routine tests performed by the NTLs are sent to the Confirmatory Laboratory for further testing. The Confirmatory Laboratory is a leader both in performing FDA-approved algorithms and in establishing new algorithms for confirmatory and supplemental infectious disease testing. For more information, please contact the Charlotte NTL above.