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Social Media

The Red Cross South Central Division consists of the following regions:
- CPR - Central Plains Region - serves Kansas and Northwest Oklahoma
- GOA - Greater Ozarks-Arkansas Region - serves Arkansas, Southwest MO and Memphis, TN
- MOIL - Missouri-Illinois Region - serves Missouri, Illinois and the Kansas City area
- SWR - Southwest Region - serves Oklahoma and Texas
- TVR - Tennessee Valley Region - serves Tennessee and Kentucky
- Division - includes all of the regions listed above Please use these regions as reference for coverage areas for the social media applications below.

Twitter Feeds

Each of our regions has its own twitter account, as well as several Marketing staff and our graphic designers. Feel free to follow any of the Twitter accounts listed below.


This section shows the Twitter accounts for people in our Blood Services Communications Departments in the following regions and in the following order: CPR, GOA, MOIL, MOIL, SWOK, TVR.

CPR Communications Dept
GOA Communications Dept
MOIL Communications Dept
SWR Communications Dept
TVR Communications Dept


This section shows Twitter Feeds from the following National sites.

The American Red Cross
Red Cross Safe and Well site
RedCrossRacing- blood donor rewards program


Many Red Cross Chapters across the nation have their own twitter accounts for their local chapter news. Those chapters are listed here.


- - the national blog (includes info on both blood services and chapter services)
- - the national blog for youth volunteers
- The Red Cross Good News Blog - this blog shares good news from Red Cross blood service and chapter service areas across the nation.
- Disaster Newsroom - this national blog posts updates about disaster relief efforts across the county

- For information on blogs by Chapter Service Areas across the nation, click here.


- Red Cross Blood Donors - this is a national Red Cross page for blood donors and donation info
- Red Cross - this is the official page for the national Red Cross



- National Flickr Account - Flickr is a photo sharing website. The Red Cross has a national account on this website.
- Red Cross Group - this is the Red Cross group on Flickr


- LinkedIn Group - Join the national Red Cross group on LinkedIn and add our badge to your page.


- Red Cross - this is the national YouTube channel for the Red Cross
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