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June is HHT Awareness Month

Greater Chesapeake & Potomac Region

June 14, 2011

Help those affected by this disease. Give Blood.

Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) is a genetic disorder of the blood vessels, which affects about one in 5,000 people. It affects males and females from all racial and ethnic groups.

A person with HHT has a tendency to form blood vessels that lack the capillaries between an artery and vein. This means that arterial blood under high pressure flows directly into a vein without first having to squeeze through the very small capillaries. This place where an artery is connected directly to a vein tends to be a fragile site that can rupture and result in bleeding.

In some cases, patients with HHT may require blood transfusions to help treat the effects of this disease. You can help! By donating blood you are helping to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply that is available for all patients in need, including those with HHT.

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