Pint Size Heroes Program

Big things come in small packages, and nothing embodies this statement more than our Pint Size Heroes Program.

Pint Size Heroes is a community service project developed by the American Red Cross to introduce children to the importance of donating blood. Through the program blood drives are held at elementary and middle schools with students involved in the entire process. Students are encouraged to participate by inviting adults to donate blood on their behalf and by volunteering at the blood drive. The program is a mutual partnership with the schools and helps them provide an educational community service project for their students.

The first step in the process is to schedule a blood drive at your school. Six weeks before the blood drive, an American Red Cross representative will present age-appropriate educational material to the students in 15 – 20 minute assemblies for each age group. The presentations consist of general information about the need for blood donation, donor eligibility, what takes place at a blood drive, testimonials by blood recipients, and a question and answer period.

After the educational presentation, students receive invitation packets including information about the blood drive to take home and invite their parents and other adults to schedule a donation at the drive. Pint Size Hero drives are typically conducted by appointment only to minimize the commitment time of the donors, keep the drive organized, and allow for maximum customer service. Pint Size Hero drives may be held at the school or at a nearby community site with adequate space, parking, and other requirements which will be evaluated by a Red Cross representative.

On the day of the blood drive, donors come to the site at the appointed time and make their donations on behalf of their student recruiters. Older students may volunteer at the drive by helping adults at the greeter station, in the children’s corner, or in the post-donation refreshment area. Both older and younger students are involved in the blood drive through recruiting blood donors.

After the drive students are recognized for their participation. When someone donates on behalf of a student, the student becomes a Pint Size Hero and earns a commemorative thank-you gift, such as a lunch tote or a water bottle.  

The Pint Size Heroes Program is a great way to get younger children involved with blood donations to assist the American Red Cross in supporting local hospital patients. The program helps promote student-teacher-parent involvement, and provides a non-academic recognition and community service opportunity for students. Through the Pint Size Heroes Program the American Red Cross hopes to educate the youth of our country in the value of donating blood, and in turn inspire the next generation of blood donors. 

For more information on the Pint Size Heroes Program, please contact Lydia Wallace at or 814-248-0484.

Pictured above: Buddy Blood Drop and Red Cross Representative Lauren at a Pint Size Hero Drive at Penn-Lincoln Elementary School, Altoona, PA