Boy Scouts Good Turn for America Blood Drive Program

Nearly every two seconds, someone in America needs blood. Did you know that one donation can help save the lives of up to three people? Just think of the lifesaving impact your troop can make to the local community by getting involved with American Red Cross Blood Services Program.

By hosting blood drives you are empowering your scouts to do their share, which may help save the lives of family, friends and fellow community members down the street or throughout the nation. Scouts become inspired, empowered and motivated. They have a life-changing experience when they realize they have helped save or sustain lives. Not only do these blood drives help maintain an adequate blood supply, they also provide scouts the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills. Involving scouts in blood drive sponsorship and donation provides them with an indelible life lesson in community responsibility and more.

We would like to introduce an exciting patch program and you could be a part of it! It’s the American Red Cross Boy Scout Troop Patch Program — and participation is as easy as it is life-changing!


Program Patches

This program rewards scouts for the outstanding contributions they make to the local blood supply. Whether they are a blood donor or a recruiter for the drive, they will be recognized. By the Troop sponsoring a blood drive, each scout has the opportunity to be rewarded based on their level of participation.

Blood Donor Patch: Scouts earn this patch by presenting to donate blood at a participating Boy Scout blood drive. Recruiter Patch: Scouts earn this patch by recruiting two blood donors to a participating Boy Scout blood drive.  


How it Works

The program is simple! The troops that sponsor a blood drive and provide volunteers for their blood drive will make their scout members eligible to earn patches. The patch opportunities are indicated above.


Get Started

Contact your American Red Cross Account Representative to get started today! Feel free to ask any questions about the American Red Cross Boy Scout Troop Patch Program.  Points of contact are listed in the Information Packet in the Resources section below.